Symposium Research day LIRS: Diversity and resilience in complex systems

25 november 2022 (09:30 uur) - 25 november 2022 (tot 18:00 uur)

The 2022 LIRS Research Day aims to offer a platform for open communication and facilitate the integration of diverse research perspectives from multiple disciplines, such as management, environmental science, psychology and computer science to address some of the modern global challenges.

The 2022 LIRS Research Day, which will be held on Friday 25 November 2022, will be devoted to Diversity and Resilience in Complex Systems. LIRS invites scientists and practitioners from all disciplines to join them in a lively transdisciplinary debate on diversity and resilience in complex systems with social, ecological, economic and technological components.

Practical information
Date and time: Friday 25 November 2022, 09:30-18:00.
Location: Open Universiteit (zaal Pretoria), Valkenburgerweg 177, Heerlen.
Register: The Research Day LIRS and the inaugural address of prof dr. Petru Curseu can be attended by anyone interested in the research topics. Please register online before 18 November 2022 via